Art is what makes our lives more interesting...

Art — makes our life more interesting, encourages reflection, pauses, and sometimes a reassessment of your life.

Works of art serve as a reminder of the fragility and significance of every moment of our life. Look at this sculpture! This unusual work attracts the eyes and makes you think!
Such a gift will not leave anyone indifferent.

Only handmade

Each sculpture is unique and completely handmade.

First I make a sculpture out of clay. It must be hollow inside and this makes the process very difficult. The work dries very slowly and it takes about a month. You cannot dry it quickly, otherwise it will crack. Next, the sculpture is fired in a kiln at a temperature of 2260F.

After this, I paint it with colored glazes and fire the
sculpture again. At each stage there is a risk that the sculpture will crack and you will have to do everything again.

Purchase the original or make to order

On the website you can purchase a sculpture from the availability or order a repeat if it is not available. I will create a work especially for you. It will be a similar, but at the same time unique work created manually. The production time is usually about two months.

A good gift is a responsible choice...

Choosing a gift is always a difficult task. Buying something original in the modern world is both easy and difficult. I want the gift to be remembered, to become an important reminder of care and a valuable thing. Take a responsible approach to this choice and you will enjoy yourself and make pleasant to the one who receives the gift!

Sculptures available

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Packaging is everything today

Each sculpture is very well packed! A special package is created for each job. It's a cute wooden box with special support inside. You can immediately donate a sculpture in this package.

Thank you for your attention!

I will be glad if you liked my work! If you have any questions, you can always contact me on social networks or through the feedback form on the contacts page! I hope you will find exactly the gift you need for your celebration!