“Art is a necessity for humans, just as essential as eating
and drinking. The need for beauty and the creativity that embodies it is
inseparable from human existence, and without it, one might not even
desire to live in this world.”

© F. M. Dostoevsky

About me


My name is Oly and I am a sculptor. Want to see something interesting? Do you like works of art and simply beautiful and unique objects?

Not too long ago, I had no idea how such things were created. I always had a desire to create, but for most of my life, I worked a regular job, took care of children, and didn’t think much about art. However, at some point, I realized that this wasn’t the life I wanted, and I yearned for something more. I wanted to engage in creativity!

About me


It is important for me to try to make at least a small change in this world, to make it better and to express what I feel and see. I started experimenting with creating sculptures using various materials, but none of them felt right to me. Then, I came across clay and the firing process.The colors, the pliability of clay, the process, and the intricacy of the technique enchanted me. I understood that ceramics was exactly what I needed!


Series of works

I am inspired by challenging tasks and the beauty that molded clay can bring! I love creating works in series. They tell a story, complementing each other. And I strive for deep detailing, as it helps to create character and emotions. The conveyance of mood makes the sculptures
incredibly vivid and unique. Human beings and their archetypes are the main characters in the stories of my sculptures. Even animal figures
possess an unseen presence of human, narrating their story.

My creativity

I’ve always liked unique things. Beautiful and complex works take attention and make admire people who pose such challenges. Making something real out of nothing is very powerful! For me, ceramics is not just about creativity, it’s about achieving goals, working on yourself, it’s about my life, which I create with my own hands...

Bullfight Series art sculpture by Oly Miltys

Fragile eternity...

Ceramics is inherently philosophical. You work
with material that has not been aged for centuries and at the same time
is fragile like human life ..... Fragile eternity...

Process of working

Clay and glass

Making ceramic sculptures is a complex and labor-intensive process. In addition to modeling from clay, the artist must know the technology of firing and glazing. At every stage, something can go wrong and the sculpture will be damaged. It is very important to follow the manufacturing technology!

Each work undergoes two or more high-temperature firings. I use a high-temperature mass and fire the work at a temperature of 1240 C. This allows me to obtain a more durable shard, the same as porcelain. On average, the process of making one small sculpture takes 1.5 – 2 months. Large works take about 3 - 4 months.

Details create character, atmosphere, and convey ‌the mood and emotions of my characters...

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Thank you for your attention to my works!

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