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Oly Miltys Sculptor

Kraljevsko jutro

Kraljevsko jutro

Усред свог земаљског краљевског јутра, свако је имао своје мисли.
Краљ је маштао о предстојећем лову, док је краљица размишљала о љубавној карти.
Заиста, било је то типично краљевско јутро у малом краљевству...

Ове креације су рођене чисто из инспирације, без икаквих прелиминарних скица!
Уз лагани додир и налет инспирације, попримиле су своје јасне и живахне облике.
Слатки пар се савршено допуњује. Сваки носи своју посебност и расположење, преплићући се у чудесној хармонији.
Регуларна цена €2,900.00
Регуларна цена Продајна цена €2,900.00
Сале Распродато
Besplatna dostava.

Made to order

This choice means that you get a job created especially for you. It will be similar to the original, but since each work is created by hand there will be some differences. The production time for such work is about two months.

Product details

Sculptural composition.
Ceramics. Glazes. 24-carat gold. High firing.
The set includes three sculptures.

11,02 lb. (5 кg.) (for one sculpture)
Matte. Gold.

Height (in): 12,59 (32 см.)
Width (in): 9,44 (24 см.)
Length (in): 11,81 (30 см.)

Height (in): 12,99 (33 см.)
Width (in): 18,66 (22 см.)
Length (in): 10,23 (26 см.)

This is a set of two sculptures.
The price is for both sculptures.
Note! Size may vary slightly.

Shipping and refunds

Delivery is carried out by EMS courier service to the door of your home.
Depending on your location, your order will arrive within 2-15 business days from the shipping date. However, in rare cases, your order may take longer to arrive than expected. Customs not included.

7 -day return policy.


In my store there are payment services Payoneer and PayPal. You can also pay for the purchase of any bank card.


Each artwork is carefully
packaged in a custom-made wooden crate designed specifically for its
size. The sculpture is securely supported inside the crate with
specialized aterials from all sides. These measures ensure the artwork’s
rotection during transportation and minimize the risk of damage.

Each shipment includes a certificate of authenticity. And also all the necessary customs documents.


For every job you send, I give you a delivery guarantee. This means that if suddenly your work was damaged during delivery, I will create the same sculpture for you for free as soon as possible, and send it to you.

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Unique and inimitable

Each work in this series is unique and unique. I completely create each work by hand. It’s like they’re telling a story, complementing each other. And I’m trying to get deep detail. It helps to create character and emotion. It makes my images surprisingly vivid and unique.
My sculptures as people and each has its own unique features and emotions. The combination of details, colors and emotions leaves an indelible impression on the viewer. You want to look at them over and over again...every time you discover something new in them...

Several firings at a temperature 2260 F.

First I make a sculpture out of clay. It must be hollow inside and this makes the process very difficult. The work dries very slowly and it takes about a month. You cannot dry it quickly, otherwise it will crack. Next, the sculpture is fired in a kiln at a temperature of 2260F. (1240C).

After this, I paint it with colored glazes and fire the sculpture again. At each stage there is a risk that the sculpture will crack and you will have to do everything again.
‌Therefore, such sculptures are quite expensive and you can’t often buy them.

Working with ceramics is inherently deeply philosophical. You work with a material that has been ageless for ages and at the same time fragile as human life.....

A fragile eternity...

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“Serious is a word to avoid when it comes to decor.”

Kathryn M. Ireland

Interior decoration

My works are often used as unique pieces for interior decoration. Art is what makes our lives more interesting, encourages reflection, pause, and sometimes re-evaluation of our lives. Works of art serve as a reminder of the fragility and significance of every moment of our lives.


Each work is packaged in a cute wooden box, you just need to wrap it in beautiful paper and you can make a wonderful gift from this work! This piece of art will be an unforgettable gift and will remind you of the giver for a long time.

You can see more works, as well as the manufacturing process, on social networks.

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